Welcome 2017!

drp_20161115_1003-2With a flash, 2016 was gone! I know that 2017 will bring many new adventures and corresponding photographs. It is finally cool here in Arizona, so much more wildlife will soon be emerging, and I hope to be there to take it all in.

In 2016, my photography was centered around wildlife. In years past I had spend many seasons photographing local sports teams, so when I decided to lock in on wildlife photography, I had to learn some new tricks. I had a few travel excursions to the Northwestern US and in the fall I attended my first Canon Explorers of Light workshop in New Mexico. My excellent instructor was Charles Glatzer a renowned wildlife photographer and I learned a lot from him.

My hope for 2017 in to improve my photographic skills in both wildlife and travel photography. I will be traveling to Australia and New Zealand in the new year so watch for those galleries. I have also come to love using Adobe’s new Spark Pages to showcase my work. Look for links to past adventures via Spark. These pages look awesome from any device and allow me to easily add text and color to these adventures.

Until next time..Capture, Create, and Share!


p.s. I am constantly tweaking DRP.Photo so please come back often to see new galleries. I will also be posting updates to my twitter page, so be sure to follow @DRPPhotos!


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