What Photography means to me.

"                               "Hello and welcome to my blog. As an introduction to myself, I thought it best to tell you a little about how I became a photographer. I feel that any profession one undertakes, should be as rewarding and evolutionary as life is itself. This is how we grow as people.

As a child I had no real interest in photography. Sure Dad would gather us around and show us his Kodak slideshows after a vacation, but I had no interest in how a photo was made, or more importantly how to capture something special. The process back them was time consuming and costly.

In my first true “career”, I used computers a lot. The internet was an infant, and I became a tech geek. The ability to share images was still cumbersome while the monitors to view these small digital images would be considered poor by todays standards. Yet digital photography and the supporting technology around it, matured rapidly and I was hooked.

Today the technology is so advanced, and the speed at which images are captured and shared is staggering. The rise of smart phones and social media has made us all not only better photographers, but better communicators. One can now share a single picture with one individual or millions of people with a press of a button. That is an extremely powerful tool for humankind.

Photography allows us to capture our very personal journey through life. It creates reflections of our past, communicates what is happening now, and intelligently helps to better navigate ones future.

I hope you enjoy my journey.